Introduction of Clinical Skills Training Center

The clinical skills center of Zhujiang Hospital (the Second Clinical Medical College) of Southern Medical University was founded in 2006, with a building area of 2500 square meters, and at present, there are 16 full-time teachers. The high-end intelligent medical simulation system, virtual laparoscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, interventional training system, B-line SIM capture® medical simulation training information platform and other high-end equipments were introduced for teaching and scientific research, with a total value of about 40 million yuan.

Through the integration of simulated medical education resources, the center takes "grasping both sides and strengthening the middle" as the development plan, focusing on building specialized technical colleges and establishing a complete specialized skills training system. At present, the center has become a number of national-level talents or specialized skills training bases. The center has also built three teaching experimental platforms, including basic clinical skills teaching experimental platform, emergency skills teaching experimental platform and multi-functional network skill teaching experimental platform; it has built five multi-disciplinary general skill training platforms from the aspects of laparoscopic technology, microscopic technology, endoscopic technology, ultrasound technology and intervention technology; and vigorously developed eight professional skills training platforms for cardiovascular medicine, orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, critical care and nursing.

The center is committed to promoting teaching through research, encouraging teachers to carry out scientific research in teaching activities, and feedback on improving teaching quality. At present, we have undertaken 13 provincial teaching projects, obtained more than 15 million yuan of various teaching projects and special funds, published more than 100 papers, and participated in the chief editor/deputy editor in chief of 5 national planning textbooks.

Now, the teacher member structure of the center has been gradually improved,and ten teams have been established including internal medicine, surgery (including specialty and general practice), gynecology and pediatrics, critical care and intervention, nursing, engineers, scientific research, quality control, publicity and database construction, each discipline team has made great efforts to build a first-class simulation medical center.

The center has always spared no effort in medical education, especially in the field of medical simulation education. In 2017, it became the vice president unit of Guangdong Medical Education Association. Director Tian Jing of the center, as the chairman, established the professional committee of medical simulation education of Guangdong Medical Education Association. Relying on the Zhujiang specialty alliance and the concept of "innovation and development, cooperation and win-win", the simulated medical education alliance of Zhujiang specialty medical alliance was established. At present, the alliance units have covered 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to promote the development of national medical simulation education jointly.

The clinical skills center of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University intends to build a world-class simulation medical center with Chinese characteristics, apply and innovate various simulated medical education methods, integrate educational resources, cultivate simulated teachers, and create a series of standardized simulated training courses and evaluation methods. Through the completion of corresponding clinical skills training for students of different levels and needs, a large-scale comprehensive clinical skills center with energetic teaching staff, perfect equipment and facilities and reasonable functional zoning will be built to transport a large number of excellent medical talents for the alliance hospitals and even the whole country, and help to improve the medical quality.